Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Round Up: all things art and tapestry!

Tapestries on their way to Vilnius, Lithuania
Tapestries getting ready to go to Lithuania.

2011 was a year that I made a very conscious decision to really rev up what I was doing in terms of my art.  I moved back into an artist studio, away from my house.  I find that when I work in an external studio, I seem to get heaps more work completed.  It's like going to your job.  You clock on, work your butt off and then clock off.  Having a studio means that I have a space that is just really about creating tapestry and that has been great for me in 2011.

Studio shots
My new studio... a little bit of organised chaos.

So the numbers!  I had works in 6 exhibitions in 2011, which is the most in close to 10 years!  I also had a partnered solo show (with Adrian Conti) in my hometown Melbourne which was the first one in about 3 years!  I also had a small series of work show in Vilnius, Lithuania, first time I've shown there.  I'm so proud of the exhibitions that I've been involved in.  All of them have been very different and the response to the works has been fantastic.

I spoke about my work in 5 different presentations in 2011.  I toured with the About Time: Studio Tapestry 1975 - 2005 exhibition to present these talks.  I visited Horsham, Maryborough and Swan Hill and spoke to a huge variety of people.  It was the presentation to students that I love doing the best and I hope that I've inspired some of those students to keep going with their artworks.

2011 small tapestries by Mardi nowak
Some of the small tapestries completed in 2011

So how many works did I make in 2011?  I can't count the number of collages and works on paper that I made as there were too many!  I feel that these works found a strong direction with their use of stickers and envelopes and the aesthetic aspects have changed, meaning that this will flow into the tapestries as well.  In terms of tapestries, I was on a roll!!!  I completed and exhibited 5 smaller tapestries works and completed my large work 'Stop and Listen' which was also sold at the Piecework show.  Throughout 2011 I've been working on a much larger tapestry while doing these other works.  I would of loved to have completed it in 2011 but it looks like it will be in 2012 now!

Collages... Trying to work out which to weave #collage #art
Some details of collages made in 2011.

I also bought a new loom, making the commitment to continue weaving and also to have the ability to weave on multiple tapestries at once.

So what does 2012 hold for me and my artwork?  Well, About Time: Studio Tapestry 1975 - 2005 will be touring to a venue in Melbourne which I'm quite excited about.  I'm also planning to show some new works in another solo exhibition, hopefully in a venue that I haven't exhibited at before in Melbourne as well as being part of group shows.  Well, that's the plan and I've been on such a roll that I can see 2012 being productive too!

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