Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flashback: Tapestry style

Mardi Nowak Shopping 002
Tapestry by Mardi Nowak, Twins shopping for Runway Bargains.

I thought I'd share another slightly older tapestry with you all.  The tapestry above is one of the works when I first started to experiment with shaped works.  The idea of the shaped tapestry does appeal to me as it keeps the feel of the collage, making the wall the paper that the collage is applied to.

This work is woven on a heaver gauge, with about 10 threads to the weft.  I now weave with 7 threads.  Although I do like the chunkiness of the thicker woven tapestry, I find that my works are stiffer when I weave on a smaller gauge, therefore work better as shaped works.

Mardi Nowak Shopping 004
detail of tapestry.

One of my favourite parts of this tapestry is the combination of font styles in the work.  They range from a fluid, graffiti style to newsprint, to large bold text.  I played with this combination because to me, it gives that graphic design feel of a magazine layout.  It relays the overload of information that we get from these pages.

original collage by Mardi Nowak.

I have submitted this work to be considered for an upcoming group show.  I hope that it is well received as I haven't really exhibited this work, I think it's only been shown once before.  I enjoy seeing my work in group exhibitions and how it relates to others works.  It's like the work is meeting new people and having new conversations with them.  Fingers crossed it gets to meet some new people!

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