Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shopping: Marimekko Style...

I went a little crazy at the #marimekko presidents day sale but hey I saved over $700!!!
Marimekko loot.

Whenever I visit NYC, I always visit the Upper East Side Marimekko store (one of my absolute favourites!). Naturally the first real day of being in town, we did a few chores such as getting our phones switched over to USA sim cards.  Once that t-mobile 'E' symbol showed up on my iphone, I checked my emails only to find a notification from Marimekko saying "20% off sale items from today".  Needless to say, I was on a subway and heading uptown!

Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the loot that I picked up at the Upper East Side store as I had them ship my items to my next destination to save on NYC tax (ah, yeah, I'm a professional shopper!) so you will need to wait for those.  I did go and visit the new 'flagship store' on 5th avenue where I did make some serious savings too!  I think when I added up everything from ticket price to the sale price, I saved over $700!  You really don't get those type of sales back in Australia.

My #marimekko dress is a-glowing at bingo!!
Glowing Marimekko horses.

One of the cute dresses I picked up has these very bold horses on it.  We went out for bingo last night and the black lights certainly made a crazy sight out of my dress!  I had to take a photo of the glowing horses!

And my horsey #marimekko dress without crazy black light!
Inari dress for Marimekko Winter 2011 Classics.  Print by Maija Isola & Kristina Isola.
And just so you can check out the dress without the crazy disco lighting, here it is!  It has some lovely pink and mauve highlights on it too and will totally go with my Ugglebo clogs.  It's a good thing that I only brought 3 dresses with me on this trip... and yes, they are all Marimekko!  I am a Marimekko Nerd!

Oh Yeah...

In my pocket...
a usual sight that comes out of my pocket while staying in NYC.

Oh yeah, if you hadn't heard, I'm back in New York City!  We've been back for a few days and it feels like we haven't left.  The last few days have been catching up with friends, visiting some of our favourite stores and cafes and taking advantage of the President's Day Sales.

Beautiful morning in manhattan!
walking uptown from our home.

The weather is a refreshing change from the icky heat of Melbourne and Manhattan has been turning on some great cool but sunny weather for us.  I haven't even had to pull out my ear muffs yet!

We are staying back in Soho at a hotel that we've stayed at before and it was lovely to arrive and have the staff remember us.   I guess we have that kind of effect on people.

No pulp but 2 serves of fruit...
I doubt many orange trees grown in NYC but the packaging sure is cute.

I'm super slack at taking photos while we are here in NYC, mostly because we visit so much that so much is familiar to us but also we have been doing some speedy travelling and we always seem to be on the run!  So far it has been fantastic to chill out with my man, wander around and enjoy it all.  If only there was some snow...
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