Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light and Colour...

Light projection

I feel like I've been thinking about and talking about colour and the impact that it has on people and their moods and all of that.  I guess it's because I often wear some pretty outrageous and bright colours and it's amazing how many comments I get from people (often strangers) about how much they love it!

As part of the Kew Festival in Melbourne recently, the Kew Court House was engulfed in colour and pattern, during an amazing light projection.  I managed to get down one evening and take a couple of photos of the display and it was stunning!  I should point out that one of my work collegues was responsible for commissioning someone to put the projection together.
Light projection at kew court house

It was great to see people stop in the street and just watch for ages.  There was also plenty of people stopping and pulling out their phones to try and capture it too.  Much of the feedback that was received is just how beautiful and happy it made people.  Visitors would love to see it all year round! (sorry gang, don't think that is going to happen) But it really goes to show how an everyday building, when it becomes part of an unexpected display, really captures people's attention.  The intensity of colour and pattern really made people's day and I'm sure that everyone that saw it has been talking about it.

The display is now over but take my word, it was pretty spectacular!

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