Saturday, March 3, 2012

Whirlwind tour of Boston...

My coffee buddy this morning! #boston
Squirrel buddy.

After a fantastic visit to NYC, we headed to Boston for a couple of days to say hi to our friends Bud and Anita.  When you are on vacation, getting on a bus for 4 hours seems like nothing to go and hang out with friends!

Boston is always pretty relaxing for me.  I use the time to chill out, sleep late, hang out in our wonderful hosts house and take in museums and the culinary chowder treats.

I love getting up in the morning at the house, having coffee and looking out to see what animals I can see.  Our first morning in Boston was super warm and there was a solo squirrel sunbacking in the backyard, keeping me company while I drank my cup of Joe.  We also spied some cardinals too, they are so beautiful!  I could watch these little red birds all day.

A bit of vacation knitting!
knit geeking...

I spent my 'spare time' to start knitting a pair of socks with the awesome Knit Picks yarn that I had ordered (and posted to my friend in NYC).  I am such a fan of this yarn now and think that I will be ordering some more before we leave.  A big shout out to the wonderful folk at A Good Yarn Shop in Brookline who always help me out with advice and knitting tips.  Nothing better than knitting while on vacation!

Dodgy snow face in Boston!
getting snowed on, thankfully I brought my ear muffs!

We were also pretty excited to get some real snow in Boston!  We had a few little flurries in NYC but Boston brought a good amount of snow that meant that there was enough to coat the ground and stay there.  There is nothing more special than running your hand through fresh snow, so soft and fluffy and white, before it gets dirty and ick.

And we have snow in Boston
Beautiful Brookline in the snow.

A big thank you to our lovely hosts, Bud and Anita.  As always it was a very comfortable stay with enjoyable dinners (OMG Anita's food is amazing!) and lots of staying up and telling of tales.

#marimekko knitting!
Hanging out, knitting a sock while wearing Marimekko... you know!

We have left lovely Boston for San Francisco, where the weather is promising to be sunny and gorgeous!

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