Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter May Be Gone But I Still Want Eggs!

My beautiful #marimekko Easter fabric arrived from @kiitosmarimekko ! I know it's not Easter but it's so cute!!!

I couldn't resist this fun Easter egg print from Marimekko!  I guess it brings the kid out in me and reminds me of Easter bonnets and decorating eggs and cards.  Above is a detail of the Rairai  fabric designed for Spring 2012 by Maija Louekari.  The eggs are huge!  I am thinking of making egg shaped cushions for our couch with these babies!

And more #marimekko goodness! What to make?!

I also grabbed some of the Ryijy fabric (also by the same designer) which complements the eggs.  It features crazy wild patterned stripes and scallops and I'm planning on turning this in to a dress, though I'm sure that I will have fun with the scraps too!

Yes, quite possibly I may look like a giant Easter egg but doesn't everyone love Easter eggs?!

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