Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is there such a thing as too much Marimekko?

Outfit post!

Can a person ever have too much Marimekko or wear too much of it?  I often think of that when I'm throwing on something to wear for the day!  This is what I wore yesterday.  The colours and patterns were making me feel super happy, the sun was out and I was having an awesome day with my friend David, looking at shops, having coffee and generally feeling pretty fabulous!

Although I'm not wearing a tonne of Marimekko in this outfit, I often find myself with 3 to 4 items which includes bag and maybe an umbrella.  I always thought people were crazy to wear a 'whole look' from a range but the beautiful and fun thing about Marimekko is they often keep their classics and re-introduce prints that were first used up to 30 years ago.  In that way, I find them timeless and yes, I do enjoy a bit of pattern and colour clashing!

A bit of a break down of what I wore yesterday:
Top left corner:  A beautiful brooch from Brazilian label Sobral.  I adore this brooch and when I saw it in New York, I had to have it!  I actually bought a necklace from the same range as well.  It always gets comments.

Bottom left corner:  Mustard coloured tights from Sussans.  I am all about mustard tights.  I got what I thought was mustard coloured ones from Urban Outfitters but they are more yellow than this.  These are super comfy too!  The bag!  This Marimekko bag is from this seasons range and balances colour with practicality.  I love the pockets and they fit all my needs.

Right hand:  Marimekko dress, I got this on sale a while back.  It's a little jersey number that is very billowy, great for Summer but teamed with a cardigan and tights it is also great for the cooler weather.  It actually was more black and white, however I accidentally washed it with something that ran and it is a little more grey and white now.  I'm also sporting my Ugglebo clogs, they are soooo comfortable!  You should check out their newest range that has some cute hippy prints too!

So when I look at it, I only wore two Marimekko things yesterday!  That's clearly not enough!!!  Is that an excuse to get more?  Maybe!  But look at the countries covered!  Australia, Sweden, Finland and Brazil... probably something was made in China too.  Bless globalization!

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