Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mastering the circle...

Knitting in the round

Although I have been knitting for many, many years, I have really only dabbled in circular knitting.  When I have dipped my toe into the circular waters it has been in very simple ways with sock tubes and cowls.  I am getting a little bit better with the whole circular knitting thing but don't think that I am anywhere close to contemplating knitting a whole sweater in the round! I am so amazed when I see other knitters on Ravelry knitting away in the round with ease.  Yes, I am totally jealous!

I'm kinda excited as this arrived in my letterbox yesterday! Circular knitting ago! #knitgeek

To try and master the 'in the round' skills I invested in the book above 'Circular Knitting Workshop' by Margaret Radcliffe.  You can find it on Amazon and if you are looking for a one stop shop book on how to, then this is for you!  What I am loving about this book is the photographs, there are so many great shots of what your knitting should look like, but also importantly, what it shouldn't look like!  I know for myself that when you are knitting alone, you often do things then wonder if you have done it right, these photos really help.

 The book also covers knitting on double points, circulars, magic loop, two circular needles and a million other methods.  It starts off with the basics and leads you into more difficult techniques and also talks about how you can translate patterns that are designed for straight needles, into knitting in the round.

It is quite the find and hopefully will make me a much more confident 'knitting in the round' kinda girl!

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