Sunday, April 22, 2012

A New Way of Working?

Finished tapestry
Woven tapestry by Mardi Nowak, 'Let Me Know If You're Lonely Baby' (2012)

I've been working on a new series of works over the last month, though I've only just completed the first actual tapestry from the series.   The variety of imagery are screen shots from music videos found on YouTube that I have played on my iphone.  The random screenshots are then cropped into a square or rectangular format and printed out larger.  This increase in size from their low resolution forms creates unusual pixelation and colour combinations that can work brilliantly or look like a blur!

Video crop: roisin
One of the screenshots that inspired the tapestry.

Creating and manipulating imagery viewed on iphones and other mobile devices is really interesting for a tapestry weaver.  The interplay between the now and technology with something very old and traditional is something that I want to explore more.  It shouldn't surprise me that I have moved this way for source material as previously I was using magazines that were very 'now' as a source.  The notion of weaving something that is 'in fashion' and by the time the tapestry is completed, it may not be in fashion, creates a challenging and unique language.

Video crop: roisin
Another screenshot, it's from Roisin Murphy's video 'Let Me Know'.

I'm going to keep playing with these works.  They are quite fun to weave as the oversized defined colour pixels in the prints allow me to be quite playful in the mixing of colours in the weft.  Also, the scale that I am weaving at means that the works are woven almost as quickly as the source imagery is made on the iphone device!

We will see how it moves on but it's fascinating to see how everyday technology can impact on to the traditions of tapestry weaving.


Michelle said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing! What a brilliant idea for a series ;)

OK, I've got to ask you - what's the secret to getting those edges so straight? Your work is so neat!!

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks michelle! Edges are about tension but if they look like they are going in, I pull it out a bit by tying a piece of warp around. Can shoot you a pic if it doesn't make sense!

Michelle said...

That *does* make sense, thank you!! :) That's a great idea :D

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