Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preparing for Knit Geekery...

Two new books from Cleckheaton Australia.

The weird thing about being a knitter in Australia is that it appears that most of us only pick up the needles in Winter, or when the weather starts to get a bit cooler.  I know that there are some true knit geeks out there who knit all year round (you know who you are!) but to most Aussie knitters, it's all about warm Winter wear.

sweater from Cleckheaton in wool mohair 12 ply, 2012.

This means that new pattern books and yarns don't really start coming out until Autumn and often the selections are pretty slim.  Really, for a country that has a lot of sheep, we don't seem to be that excited by it! Over the years the two main players of yarn and knitting in Australia for the mainstream have been Patons and Cleckheaton.  In the past, their patterns have been pretty dull to say the least and not very fashion savvy, let alone fashion forward.  Things have been making a bit of a shift over the last couple of years and maybe with a resurgence of younger folk picking up the needles (men included!) we are seeing some great patterns that you would actually want to wear!

I picked up these two Cleckheaton pattern books a few weeks ago (still waiting to see the appropriate yarn in the stores) and there are loads of patterns that I can't wait to start.  The over sized colour blocked mohair sweater looks like it will be a great quick knit as well as a great Winter staple for my wardrobe.

Cardigan from the Cleckheaton Merino Angora Silk book, 2012.

The other book has some more slightly traditional patterns that have a twist, such as the multi-coloured cardigan with leather buttons and also some awesome sweaters and cardigans for men too.

Whoever is designing for Cleckheaton, they are doing a fabulous job!  I hope that it inspires others to pick up the needles and get knitting too as there is nothing as special as a hand knitted sweater!

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