Monday, April 9, 2012

Sock it to Me!

Sock love
My Sundae sock - still completing the other one!  Wool from Knit Picks.

Any knitter knows the satisfaction of making your own hand-knitted socks.  I know the joy that I had when I had completed my first pair, although they were too small for me but at least I had achieved the great sock!

I guess that I really wanted to become a sock master because they are a small project but also a very practical project.  You can have loads of pairs of socks to wear but it seems a bit crazy to have millions of sweaters.  Since making socks for myself, I love the feeling of wearing handmade socks.  They are so cozy, soft and naturally fit very well.  I am still learning and making my way through the mysteries of socks but I am doing it with the help of some social media friends!

Sock love
signing up for Craftsy classes.

I have been making socks from the cuff down, which is quite a traditional way I think.  Everyone had been saying to me that the only way to go was to knit from the toe up, especially if you have bigger than average feet, which is what I am knitting for!  I had been looking at some YouTube clips on knitting from the toe up and then decided to take the plunge and sign up for one of the Craftsy Classes on-line.  OMG!  What a wonderful world of learning from the internet!  I have subscribed for two classes on socks by the amazing Donna Druchunas.  The best bit is that lovely Donna has been giving me lots of tips and encouragement via twitter as well (follow her at @druchunas)

I'm often amazed at the knitter/sewer world on social media and how supportive everyone is.  Gone are the days where you may have your mother or grandmother nearby to assist you when you have a problem, or dropped a stitch!  Many of the yarn stores have 'help out sessions' but sometimes you just want the answer straight away or you are looking for a particular pattern.  My 'gang' of knitters and seamstress' are so great at pointing me in the right direction and giving me support.  The land of the internet has really kept these skills alive and there is much sharing going across the globe.

Sock love
I love wearing handknitted socks!

If you are a knitty person too, some of my favourite folk to follow on twitter are:

I'm still plodding along making my socks, trying to learn new ways to make a perfect sock but with the support of the internet crafty world, I'm getting so much better at it!

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