Friday, May 11, 2012

Yarn Love!

Delicious new weaving yarn
All wound up!  A skein of Ms Gusset hand dyed yarn.

When I am weaving up some tapestry masterpiece, I use a combination of materials in my weft. I often use quite a bit of linen to give a hard surface but I also keep my eye out for silk and cotton blends that add a luxurious sheen to the work.

I went and checked out the Victorian Spinners and Weavers annual market in Brunswick a couple of weeks ago and came across these lovely hand dyed skeins by Ms. Gusset. They are just perfect for skin toned areas in my tapestries and will definitely add a little something special to the work! I've already added some to the last tapestry that I have been weaving and the texture, colour and sheen are amazing.

Silk and wool

If you are unfamiliar with the most awesome Ms. Gusset then you better get with the program! Check out her website here and you can also follow her on twitter too. Very inspirational lady who is at one with colour!  I'm already thinking about what other colours I can get from her!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Oooo, yummy yarn!! Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely be paying her website a visit ;)

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