Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guerrilla Girls Telling it How it is!

This is what I did last night!

I was pretty lucky to attend the booked out lecture by two of the founding members of the Guerrilla Girls last night. As always they were funny, inspiring and masked!  I wanted to share some of my favourite posters made by them about women artists (see below).

Courtesy of the Guerrilla Girls.

In a time where there has been much discussion about younger women declaring not to be Feminists, the Guerrilla Girls have returned to Melbourne at an interesting period.  They stated that they were pleased to return to Australia and to see a female Prime Minister leading our country but that her approach was seeming more and more conservative (which is of alarm!)

Courtesy of the Guerrilla Girls.

I loved their discussion, it was to the point and they made claims and backed them up with facts. If you've been sleeping in the wilderness somewhere and unfamiliar with their work, please visit their website!  And remember, equality and voice for all!

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