Friday, May 18, 2012

May Craft Completion Update!

Sewing up the Marriage Sweater for @elgatogrande !! ❤

So, I feel that the May Craft Completion month is going a bit slowly. I was on a roll and then I hit a wall with a bit of a disaster with the Marriage Sweater! I managed to complete the sleeve to pattern, beautifully sew it in so Mark could try it on then disaster struck! The sleeve was WAY too narrow! I partially blame Mark's gym junkie, bicep building regime of late.

After a bit of a tantrum about the sweater, I reassessed the pattern and have started on another, larger sleeve, which so far is looking much better. It's a bit of a set back and due to my amazing hand sewing skills, the sewn in sleeve has been a nightmare to get out. However, onward and upward and I hope to still get this baby completed within May, even if it means that other projects won't be finished.

Woo hoo! One project down!

Maybe the list was a little long? I guess I aimed high to finish all of this in a month but it is good to set a goal, even if you can only get halfway through it!

Knitting in the round

The red cowl has had a major set back with this project running out of yarn. My lovely pal David ordered some additional yarn from Bendigo Wool Mills on my instruction but I managed to order the wrong colour red! I mean, there is a huge difference between Cherry and Holly?!?! 

With the lack of yarn to complete the project, it looks like this project will be carried over into June. I have managed to make a decision on how to finish it up so stay tuned! It has been inspired by some of my favourite Marimekko!


Michelle said...

Oh wow, that looks awesome! You have some serious knitting skillz going on there ;)

Your list is pretty long, I must say ... are you weaving as well as doing all this??

miss mardi nowak said...

Hi Michelle, yeah, still weaving as I do this! And working full time too... I think that I've aimed a little too high but I think I can get the sweater and a sock and the backing on my quilt completed.

Michelle said...

No such thing as 'aiming too high'!! Yeah, I work full time, study tapestry weaving and feed my cross stitch addiction ... but I believe that the busiest people are the most organised, and the ones that get the most done ;)

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