Sunday, May 6, 2012

Must Complete May: project green cowl...

My hot husband @elgatogrande modeling my latest knitted creation!

Well, I've managed to tick one project off my 'Must complete craft projects in May' list! One down and a whole bunch to go! The great thing is that I finished this project and my lovely husband decided that he didn't mind this cowl too much. Generally he hates wearing scarves but this one might be a winner.

Green cowl

Though, I will be wearing this baby too! I used a Lion Brand yarn for this cowl. It has a high amount of acrylic in it's composition which I'm not really digging. I have a feeling that it is probably going to pill up a bit but it is soft and warm so even if we get one season out of it, it will be worth it.

Woo hoo! One project down!

 So, one thing off the list!!! Let's see if I can get through all of this by the end of May! Fingers crossed.


Michelle said...

That looks awesome!

I'm a terrible knitter, but have started knitting cowls too - way more basic than your fancy ones though ;)

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Michelle, I love cowls! So much easier to wear than a scarf... I'm a little bit addicted! Socks and Cowls!

Michelle said...

My main thought with cowls is that little kittehs are less likely to grab them than scarves!! ;)

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