Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My May Craft Completion Promise...

I was looking around at my piles and bags of craft projects that are currently not completed.  I was a little horrified when I made a list of what needed to be done.  But you know, when you write something down, you get such a sense of accomplishment when you can finally cross that item off the list.

So, with much shame, here is my list...

May craft promise

I know, it doesn't seem like much but I have made a promise to complete all of these projects by the end of May and that I am NOT ALLOWED to begin another new project!! Though tapestry weaving doesn't count, that is making art in the studio. Do you think that I can do it?! If you are on Ravelry, you can play along too to see how I am going - I am misskittym. 

I should point out that once the list has been completed in May, it means that I can focus my attentions on creating such fantastic creations as these matching retro graphic sweaters for my husband and I! Am I joking?  Well, you will need to find out!

@elgatogrande and I in matching sweaters?!

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