Monday, May 21, 2012

The Things You Find...

Fancy tying tape! Found with my antique sewing machine!

It's amazing the things that you find in an old cabinet! When my beautiful 1935 Singer sewing machine arrived the other day, I couldn't wait to take a good look in the draws to see what was in there. These are a couple of things that I found. This 'Fancy Tying Tape' is apparently fantastic for tying up parcels. Isn't it the cutest packaging! I don't want to use it, just keep it intact. I like that they say that it is 'Dainty, Strong and Attractive', maybe that's what I look for in a man!

Oh and beautiful hosiery mending thread!

There was also a stack of these Hosiery Mending Thread packs. I love the brand DARN-EEZI! Ha ha, I don't think that I would ever describe darning hosiery as as easy task! However it does make you think about how many things that we throw out because we are too lazy to mend them. I've been trying to mend jeans with holes in them recently and other larger items but I must admit that when a pair of tights get a hole in them (especially in the leg) they get thrown into the bin. Maybe I should look at trying to mend them instead?

I wish that things like this were still made.  Yes, I'm a little nostalgic but all this packaging and purpose made items make me want to sew and mend!

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