Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Old Four Eyes...

So I'm officially a 'hipster'  (note my hipster hair!) my eyes are dodgy so I now have to wear glasses :-( something about eye pressure an enlarged optic nerves... Ewww
Moi, in my new specs.

So, I had been getting a few headaches and finding it quite difficult to focus my eyes for long periods of time on the computer so I decided to go and have my eyes tested. I should point out that I really can't remember getting my eyes tested, which means that it was far too long ago! I underwent a whole bunch of tests, some were a little nicer than others and they photographed my eyes. Gee, eye tests are alot more high tech than they used to be! The outcome was that I have enlarged optic nerves, a high eye pressure and a sun spot on one eye. The other outcome is that I now have to wear glasses for working on the computer, knitting, weaving and all that close up stuff. I naturally had to select some totally cute leopard print frames and hope for the best that I don't look too nerdy or hipster like!

However when selecting my 'glasses look' I did have two fashion icons (well glasses icons) in mind. The first was the always beautiful Isabelle Adjani and her look in Roman Polanski's The Tenant. I always loved her look in this film and her glasses just added to her beauty.

Isabelle Adjani in the Tenant.

My other fashion/glasses icon is the amazing Iris Apfel.  Now in her early 90s, Iris has an amazing style and love of colour and life and her oversized glasses have become a signature look which others try to imitate.  I really want to be like Iris when I grow up!

I think I want to be Iris Apfler when I grow up!

So, glasses wearing folk! Who are your glasses style icons? Do you see glasses as an accessory or something you just have to wear? Will we take back the 'spectacle' from the hipsters?!


Michelle said...

Your new glasses are gorgeous! And no, you're way too cool to be a hipster, heh :P

I've never heard of Iris Apfel - but she looks awesome!

I wear cats-eye glasses from Roger Henley ( - they are handmade in Adelaide. I have too many pairs ... *cough* :P (I'm short sighted, so don't need to wear them for close work).

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Michelle, you totally need to check out Iris, she is a style icon! I love how she wears loads of exotic jewellery! I will suss out roger henley... I have WAY too many sunglasses so glasses may be the next collection!

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