Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Craft Completion Month Round Up...

May craft promise

Well, I think that I set myself quite the task to complete all the things on this list! Was I crazy? Probably! However I did manage to get three projects completed and a good dent on the others.

So this is what was completed?!

My hot husband @elgatogrande modeling my latest knitted creation!

The green cowl (as modelled by my husband) was the first thing off the list. I actually thought that it was a mustard colour for some reason but really it's much more green. When I looked at the yarn colour it is called lemongrass. It's super big and warm and was a great no-brainer knit.

The sweater!!!

The great Marriage Sweater was finally completed. This took me such a long time to knit, mostly because I got distracted with other projects and left it for ages, much to my husbands disgust! I even had to completely re-knit a sleeve and alter the pattern! What a chore! But it is done now and looks great and I'm so pleased to see Mark wearing it around. He said that the wool is super soft on his skin which is great as I know that guys hate a scratchy sweater! I am now inspired to knit another big project for Mark...

Socks completed!!! 3 things off my May Craft Complete month list!! #knitgeek

I finished the second sock on these cute Knit Pick striped yarn socks. I love this 5ply yarn for socks as it's so quick to knit up and the colours are great!

So what wasn't completed?!

Trying to get some sock knitting in before work!

Well, I started on the second sock of Mark's in the lovely Opal yarn. I can't believe how fine this knit is! It will take some time and my new glasses will help me get through this. Not completed but started!  I also managed to keep going on my Marimekko inspired cowl.  I'm looking forward to finishing this off to wear.

So, will I make a list for June or am I a little to exhausted from trying to finish off this list?  Maybe I will wait until July to see how I'm fairing.  The list did inspire me to really try and finish these off so I can recommend anyone wanting to give it a go!

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Michelle said...

I think you did an awesome job - well done! :D

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