Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sometimes, things just work when you are weaving...

She's coming along this morning...
Tapestry in progress.

There are moments when you are working on a piece that you just feel like it all comes together. Yesterday was one of those days. The mixes were feeling right and everything was just snapping along really well.

Tapestry cartoon... This should be a fun one!
Inspiration for the cartoon.
I'm still working on my series of works inspired by music film clips and I am loving working on this particular image of Roisin Murphy. The grainy filter on the actual film clip has just lent itself to working in beautiful muted tones and I've been able to let the medium (the combination of cottons and wools etc) do the talking.

Tapestry cartoon preparation
detail of the cartoon with mark up lines.
I'm feeling so pleased with how this work is going along that I am tempted to try and work it up in a larger work as well. However that may come along much later seeing I feel like I'm on some tough deadlines to get these works completed!

Crazy close up weave
Up close and personal with the weaving!
 Yes, I do have a solo exhibition coming up in January 2013, which really isn't that far away! Eek!


Michelle said...

It's looking awesome - I'm really enjoying seeing the progress pics!

Helen said...

Yeah it looks great. Can't wait to see it finished. It'll look fab!

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Helen! I'm tossing up if I will be posting full images before the show or not... maybe you will just get some sneak peeks?!

Michelle said...

I've seen other tapestry artists saying the same thing about showing 'too much' on their blog before an exhibition ... it's great seeing little sneak peeks though ;)

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