Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Public Art: Models of Possibility

Art note

I went along to the recent Melbourne Conversations lecture on Public Art:  Models of Possibility.  There were some amazing speakers including:

The program:
"As artists shift their concerns to engage with current social, political and environmental changes, can we see these shifts reflected in approaches to art in the public realm?  Or does the large-scale of many public artworks and/or desire for spectacle or comfort on the part of commissioning agents lead to an outcome that celebrates only wealth or the past?"

There was some interesting discussion about place and also the new directions artists are taking with public art.  Within my role as curator, I have been working on some public art projects and one of the most interesting things that I find is what people perceive public art to be.  I think that there is a big shift away from a big old sculpture that stays forever in one place.  Artists now are investigating ways to interpret a space or audience in much more ephemeral ways.

Check out the links above to the various artists/curators.  They are doing some interesting stuff!

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