Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Weaving Chair!

My new amazing chair.

I have been using the same old drafting chair while I weave for close to 10 years now, well actually it maybe a little longer.  I decided after all the creaks and soreness that I was getting from it that it was time to invest in a new, super ergonomic chair to save my back!

I visited the lovely folk at Bad Backs in Hawthorn to give a few chairs a try.  Who knew that there was such an array of office/work chairs available?!!!  I totally felt like Goldilocks sitting on all these different chairs and saying "no, this one is too soft" and all of that.  The great thing about the Bad Backs folk, is that once I found my 'preferred chair' I could take it to the studio for a few days to try it out in the environment that I will be using to see if it was going to work for me!

You can even sit backwards!

I've gone with an amazing Norwegian Chair, the Hag Capisco.  I won't rave too much about it but it feels super sturdy and also allows me to sit in a variety of ways.  Always a plus in the studio.

I think that I won't know myself in the studio with this chair.  Who knows, it may even speed up my weaving, which is a must with an exhibition deadline looming!!! ARGH!!

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