Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh, Sydney Town...

We headed up to Sydney recently for a few days.  It is amazing how a little mini break from your day to day activities can really recharge the batteries.  Even though we were away for only 2 nights, we certainly fitted heaps in!

So what did we do?  Well...

We we went to the VIP Marimekko Sydney Flagship store launch... so much fun!  So much colour!

#marimekkosydney #marimekko bikes at the launch

Marimekko launch

We ate lots of tasty treats and drank loads of beer!

Big Cat @elgatogrande ,big beer...

We walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Went for a stroll over the Sydney Harbour bridge today.

We enjoyed our hotel's pool and balcony with a view.

Hanging out by the pool while @elgatogrande takes a morning swim... It's WAY too early for me to expose flesh!!

We caught up with our friends Sin and Stef.

Sin and stef

We took a ferry to Manly to visit our lovely friends Brian and Linda.

We chilled out!  Everyone needs a break away every now and again.

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