Monday, December 17, 2012

Dying Yarn...

Here's my hand dyed skeins from yesterday! So much fun and I can't believe the colours are so vibrant!
My first attempt at dying yarn!!!

I have been working with yarn for such a long time, from knitting and embroidery to now working primarily in woven tapestry as an artist.  I have never attempted to dye my own yarn before but after reading a few forums on Ravelry and having a bit of a stash of light coloured yarn floating around, I thought I'd give it a go.

Now I am totally addicted to it!!!  It is quite exhilarating to see how it turns out.  As a starting point, I have been using food colouring dye as it much safer to use in terms of toxicity but also it is quite affordable.

And another batch!
another colour way.

I think that I will make the move to move 'professional' dyes later this year and look at handpainting and dying some yarn for a sweater.  I love the fact that it has a happy accident element to it but also that you end up with something purely original.  So far I'm only dying yarn that I would knit with but I can also see the possibilities of dying yarn to weave with for my tapestries.

I can also see that lots of my yarny friends will be getting these as gifts in the near future as well!  For those interested, I will be posting a how to in the upcoming weeks.

So, if you see me with weird coloured hands, you will know that I've definitely got the dying bug!


Michelle said...

Ooo, they look gorgeous - especially the first one!

I did dyeing in my first year of Tapestry studies, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would! I haven't tried doing multi-colours in one skein, so will have to put that on my list ;)

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Michelle, can't wait to see how it knits up! I can't believe that I've never tried this before! It's almost like painting!

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