Monday, December 10, 2012


I decided to make some cute and useful pouches for my Christmas wrapping this year! #handmade

I've been making all sorts of things lately. I've been making these zipper pouches as my Christmas Gift Wrapping. I figure that they are much more useful than paper gift wrap and it is like 2 gifts in one!

These have been fun to make! #knitgeek

I've been making mittens as Christmas gifts for Kris Kringle and also for friends. They are made with love and hopefully their recipients love them as much as I did making them.

I love the back of knitted colour work.  It looks just as interesting as the front! #knitgeek

My colour work in knitting as certainly been getting a work out and this is great practice for larger colour work pieces... sweater anyone?

Crazy weavey mouth... #tapestrygeek

And I've also been making tapestries! Did I mention that I have an exhibition coming up?! Well I do, and it all happens from the 24th January 2013 at Handheld Gallery.


Michelle said...

Gorgeous work - all of them!! Oh, and I *love* your new banner - expresses your work so well ;)

miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Michelle! The 'banner' is an interim as I will be switching all my 'art' over to

There will still be a blog but I decided that I needed a proper arts representation on the interweb.

Michelle said...

Yay, that's awesome!! Looking forward to seeing the finished site ;)

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