Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best of 2012... (in a nutshell)

The best

My 2012 Highlights have been:
  • Hiking at Yosemite National Park
  • Making some lovely new friends who are super arty and supportive. (Love my craft tweets!)
  • Visiting the Thomas Demand exhibition in Sydney as part of the Kaldor Art Project.
  • Finally finishing Mark's knitted sweater!
  • Going to both the Sydney and Melbourne Marimekko store launches!
  • enjoying the fruits of Mark's labour in the garden, broadbeans, pumpkins, pickes etc... an amazing crop this year!
  • Making delicious lunches to take to work instead of eating crappy and expensive sandwiches
  • getting gorgeous snail mail from new pen pal folk
  • getting a little more serious about my arts practice, documenting stuff, applying for shows and starting a 'serious' arts based website.

Things I've loved

Things that I have loved:

  • improving my knitting skills
  • dying my own yarn!  woo hoo!
  • being able to work more in the studio
  • Bruny Island Cheese Club - oh my!
  • Mark's homemade bitters in cocktails
  • Apple TV, how did I live without you
  • Pandora music app, finding new bands!
  • reading magazines on the ipad
  • knitting during my lunch breaks

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