Monday, April 22, 2013

How Much Stuff do we Need?

2 bags of stuff going to the charity stores! Also lots of things that were on their last legs cut into rags! #cleaning frenzy

I have been thinking about consumerism and our need to collect 'stuff' for awhile.  I did a post about consumption and the real price of cheap clothing over here.  I guess I'm thinking about it more and more.  I went on a bit of a weird 'Spring Cleaning' frenzy over the weekend, even though technically it is Fall here!

There were a couple of boxes of handbags and shoes that I have been holding onto but not actually using.  They were being held captive in the back of my closet and I thought it was time for them to be released. Without too much thought, tears or emotion, I popped them into some garbage bags and sent them to the charity store.

I then started going through some clothes that had been hanging around.  They weren't good enough to go to the charity store, so I cut them up and added them to our rag bag for polishing of shoes and all of that.

I then added some items onto eBay.  Yep, how many Crumpler bags and designer sunglasses do I really need?  I haven't even looked at these items for over a year!

It felt pretty good to let go of some things.  Though I don't think that I have even come close to really getting rid of my 'verging on hoarding' lifestyle!  To inspire my acts of de-cluttering, I've been reading Miss Minimalist by Francine Jay (naturally on the kindle as not to add any more 'stuff' to my bookcase!)  Francine does go pretty far into living a much more simple and object free life but it definitely makes you think.  I especially liked reading her take on gifts and how we accumulate stuff.  I know that I have gifts from people that I never use, don't really like and that just seem to stay with me.  I often joke that I would prefer a bottle of wine that will be used and discarded then a small token that will collect dust.

I don't think that I will ever truly have a handle on not acquiring things but I do like the idea of living a bit more simply and not having dust catchers!  Stay tuned to see if I can get rid of more stuff!

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