Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hunting for yarn in Hong Kong...

Puppy yarn! #hongkong
Cute puppy yarn lightbox

Whenever I am in a new city I always try to hunt down the local yarn stores.  I love seeing what is different and new and also try and pick up some special yarns that I wouldn't be able to get back home.

Managed to find a cute little yarn store right near our hotel!
Cheer Wool shop window

I had been googling 'Hong Kong Yarn stores' for a little bit and was still having trouble finding what I needed.  And then it happened.  I spied the words 'wool' from our Hotel!  OMG, there was a yarn store less than 5 minutes away!  The store Cheer Wool is small but has a big variety of yarns and craft supplies.  They had amazing Japanese knitting patterns that I was drooling over but decided that they would be too difficult to decipher when knitting.

Crazy kid mohair #knitgeek

Through all the masses of yarn, I spied this super fine and super bright orange mohair.  It is about a 2 ply but the colour is amazing!  I purchased some of this along with a matching, bulkier yarn to knit together.  I'm thinking of a super bright orange fuzzy cowl.  Very muppet like!

Got some cute hello kitty buttons

I also got these tiny Hello Kitty buttons to add to a shirt or dress.  They seem so perfect in their packaging.  I also picked up a length of Hello Kitty quilted fabric to make a knitting bag from.  Though it would also make a wild pair of oven mitts too...

A big thank you to Cheer Wool for their wonderful supply and very helpful staff!

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