Monday, June 10, 2013

Dying Yarn, making socks...

I had some lovely 5ply sock yarn that needed dying.  I'm not a professional yarn dyer by any means but it is fun to play around with the colours and see what happens!


Here is the yarn with the dye on it.  Playing around with yellows, oranges and pinks... oh, with a touch of green.

Dying some sock yarn... #knitgeek

The yarn has come out of the microwave, all hot and steamy.

Giant skein of socky yarn!!

All dry and wound up into a super delicious skein of tutti-fruity loveliness!

And here is how the yarn is knitting up... It reminds me of those delicious fruit salad lollies!

And here is the start of the sock!  These will sure be some crazy looking socks but fun and cheery.  On a down note, I discovered a hole in one of my hand knitted socks.  You know what that means? Moths!!! NOOOOOO!!!!  I need to clear out my closet and add moth traps and deterrents etc... kinda boring but it has definitely bugged me!   I hate moths!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You dyed wool in the microwave??? Wow, haven't heard of anyone doing that before!

Love the wool - the colours have knitted up beautifully ;)

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