Friday, August 2, 2013

Comedy and Knitting...

@mepiper knows me too well! A vintage intarsia knitting book featuring British celebrities?! Hell yeah!

I do love a good vintage knitting book from the 80s.  They seriously give me so much joy and laughter and to be honest, some of the patterns are pretty good too.  My friend Marion brought this gem back from her holiday.  She discovered it in a thrift store for $2.  I love that it uses many 'celebrities' to model the fashions.  I wanted to share some of the intarsia patterns with you!

Guitar anyone? (Yeah, this is my new 'selfie' pose!)
Grrrr.... Love a cat sweater!
Huzzah! It's Mr. Humphries! From such shows as 'are you being served?'
I'm sooooo knitting this!!!!
The back!! Priceless!!! That's it for vintage knit photos gang!

Priceless aren't they? Now which one to knit first?!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exhibition: Thoughts - That Is...

I thought that I would share some information about an exhibition I was involved in, held in Vilnius, Lithuania recently...

VIII International Biennial of Textile Miniatures

July 9 – 28, 2013

International textile miniature biennial "Thoughts - that is..."  invited 87 artists’ from various 25 countries – from the Baltic countries to the most distant parts of the world (Australia, Japan, Latin America) into the join venue, which continues to tackle the urgent problem of human existence. Who and what are we? What settles our environment? The concept of the exhibition is based on the metaphysical statement, that material and spiritual worlds are interrelated, that thoughts can materialize. The invisible processes which are taking place in our mind create reality - real things, phenomena, emotions. Every object from our reality is the embodiment of the ideas, which have ever existed. Everything that surrounds us is the result of human mind. Human thoughts form not only objects, but also ones activity, creativity and personality. There is a lot of everything in the modern world - not only goodness, but also anger. The biggest discoveries in the world were born from bright thoughts, while anger and hatred gave birth to evil. Human mind is energy, which is able to create wonderful objects. Mind is propagating magnetic frequencies, which attract similar frequencies phenomena in the universe. The artists were invited to shape they thoughts into creation, irrespectively to what method of expression trey would choose - even surface or 3D composition, traditional forms of expression or innovative, interdisciplinary project.

The organizers of biennial encouraged the artists: a) to reflect the depth of their own personality through the materialized ideas in their creation; b) to raise the problems of human mind ecology and responsibility of what you think; c) to reveal the interaction of bright and dark minds and the consequences of their opposition; d) to analyze whether the thoughts have nationality, or whether the minds of different nations or ethnic groups are different. It is being expected, that facing the crises or disasters prioritizing spiritual values will correspond to the expectations of the artists at the time of biennial.  

The works exhibited in biennial are different with respect to style and technique combining both traditional and innovative methods, reflecting individualities of the authors’ and dominating textile tendencies.

Thoughts exhibition

Sometimes I Just Need to Unplug My Mind (2013)
Wool, cotton, linen, silk & recycled computer parts
 19.5 x 19.5 cm

Thoughts exhibition

Too Many Thoughts (2013)
Wool, cotton, linen, silk & recycled computer parts
19.5 x 19.5 cm

I created two small works based on self-portraits that utilised found computer parts and cords. The works stems from ideas about how our life is now kept into an external hard drive, like our phone or laptop.  Some days I can't even remember my phone number and I am horrified if I lose the information on my phone as I don't have it saved anywhere else.  Our world is becoming more complicated and our brain doesn't appear to remember as much as it used to.
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