Friday, August 2, 2013

Comedy and Knitting...

@mepiper knows me too well! A vintage intarsia knitting book featuring British celebrities?! Hell yeah!

I do love a good vintage knitting book from the 80s.  They seriously give me so much joy and laughter and to be honest, some of the patterns are pretty good too.  My friend Marion brought this gem back from her holiday.  She discovered it in a thrift store for $2.  I love that it uses many 'celebrities' to model the fashions.  I wanted to share some of the intarsia patterns with you!

Guitar anyone? (Yeah, this is my new 'selfie' pose!)
Grrrr.... Love a cat sweater!
Huzzah! It's Mr. Humphries! From such shows as 'are you being served?'
I'm sooooo knitting this!!!!
The back!! Priceless!!! That's it for vintage knit photos gang!

Priceless aren't they? Now which one to knit first?!

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