Friday, October 18, 2013

About 12 years ago...

Ahhhh.... #nyc I think in 2001! Very baby faced here! @jamesred8 this is when I would of met you!!!

About 12 years ago, this photo was taken in New York City.  It was close to Christmas time and it was my first trip to Manhattan to spend a month with my best friend John.  This is us at some fancy restaurant called Tao which all I remember had a giant Buddha statue in the restaurant.

John found this photo of the two of us recently and just seeing it just makes me smile and think of all the adventures the two of us have had over the years, especially the adventures we had on this trip 12 years ago.  I had Christmas in NYC, it snowed on Christmas eve, I went on a helicopter trip and saw the Statue of Liberty from the air and ate Belgian fries near St. Marks place with John.  Such good times!!!

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