Monday, December 9, 2013

What do you wear to a Pink Flamingo Party?

Preparing to Pink Flamingo party!!
I could totally get used to pink hair!

It was my best friend's 40th birthday party recently and he decided to have a Pink Flamingo Casino/ Las Vegas party.  A strange theme maybe but he is slightly obsessed with flamingos and we always had a promise to go to Vegas for his birthday (which we couldn't do for work reasons) so he brought Vegas to his house!

Roll out the pink carpet

As you can see, he really went all out with a pink carpet and flamingo themed decorations.  It was a sea of pink and glitter... so much fun!


Even the cocktails were pink and served with pink flamingo straws!  Everyone needs a pink flamingo straw to get into the spirit!


I madly decided to make a 60s inspired dress from this fabric that I had floating around.  I noticed that it had pink flamingos on it so it seemed perfect!  I can see that this is likely to become a Summer staple in my wardrobe now.  It is soooo cute!


The birthday boy naturally went as Elvis... really anything with a cape and he is in it!  My husband went for the Hunter S Thompson 'Fear and Loathing' look.  It was such a great night!  So much pink!!!

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