Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hunting for yarn in Hong Kong...

Puppy yarn! #hongkong
Cute puppy yarn lightbox

Whenever I am in a new city I always try to hunt down the local yarn stores.  I love seeing what is different and new and also try and pick up some special yarns that I wouldn't be able to get back home.

Managed to find a cute little yarn store right near our hotel!
Cheer Wool shop window

I had been googling 'Hong Kong Yarn stores' for a little bit and was still having trouble finding what I needed.  And then it happened.  I spied the words 'wool' from our Hotel!  OMG, there was a yarn store less than 5 minutes away!  The store Cheer Wool is small but has a big variety of yarns and craft supplies.  They had amazing Japanese knitting patterns that I was drooling over but decided that they would be too difficult to decipher when knitting.

Crazy kid mohair #knitgeek

Through all the masses of yarn, I spied this super fine and super bright orange mohair.  It is about a 2 ply but the colour is amazing!  I purchased some of this along with a matching, bulkier yarn to knit together.  I'm thinking of a super bright orange fuzzy cowl.  Very muppet like!

Got some cute hello kitty buttons

I also got these tiny Hello Kitty buttons to add to a shirt or dress.  They seem so perfect in their packaging.  I also picked up a length of Hello Kitty quilted fabric to make a knitting bag from.  Though it would also make a wild pair of oven mitts too...

A big thank you to Cheer Wool for their wonderful supply and very helpful staff!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting a little bit sew-ie...

My view today! #singer #sewing #handmade

I've been on a bit of a sewing frenzy lately.  I've drafted a simple A-line dress and sewed four of them - yes four!!!!  I was inspired as I am heading to Hong Kong very soon and the weather is going to be warm and humid.  It also seemed appropriate to be on a crazy sewing frenzy, using up quite a bit of my stash during the month of May as loads of my favourite sewing bloggers are chatting about "Me Made May" (check out Kelly from True Bias blog about this!).  This is where you don't buy anything and just wear beautiful clothing that you have made yourself.

Anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of my creations, they have been super fun to make and I've had quite a few requests for the pattern!!  When I get back from Hong Kong, I will attempt to PDF it and share with you all!!!

So here we go!!!

And another dress completed!! I love this blue! #marimekko necklace #sewing #handmade

Here's the Cobalt blue number.  It's made from a very lightweight gaberdine fabric (I think?!) and has inseam pockets and is finished with bias binding at the neckline and armholes.

Oh yeah and the gingham dress! Notice a little peekaboo pink binding!! #marimekko #handmade #sewing -sorry tired & no make up!!

And here is a very cute black and white gingham number.  I finished the neckline and the armholes with a hot pink bias which has a little bit of a 'peekaboo' effect.  This is a lovely soft cotton fabric and will be great for the Hong Kong heat and humidity.  For those people digging my necklace, it is Marimekko (of course!)

And a little chambray number! Loving that all this fabric is from my stash! So 4 great summery dresses made!

Here is a light coloured chambray dress!  Again there are inseam pockets.  A little more casual looking, the fabric is beautiful and soft and doesn't seem to crease too much.  I bought this fabric for $2 a metre too!  A great bargain!

Just drafted and whipped up this basic black cotton dress for travelling... Some cute shoes & bright accessories and she'll get loads of wear! #handmade #sewing

And to finish it all off, a little black dress naturally!  Even in warm weather, I love a simple black cotton dress that can be dressed up with some cute ballet flats and a great necklace or bright cardigan.  The fabric came from Ikea and has washed up surprisingly well!

So I think that I am just about ready for my trip away!  And my fabric stash is 4 pieces lighter!  Woo hoo!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Working on... Self-Portraits...

Cartoon for new #tapestry... Self portrait

I've been messing around with some self portraits to weave recently. Here are two of the cartoons that I've been working on. My approach has been to go straight to black and white and a more sketchy and mark making approach. Just trying to loosen up and try some new weaving approaches before getting stuck back into a new body of work.

Working on some self portraits in the studio.

I enjoy working on self portraits in between other works. I also love viewing other artists self portraits too. It is such an insight into how we view ourselves.
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