Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knitting in Warm Weather...

All the knitting done! Now for weaving of ends and sewing!

I think that I am slightly crazy.  It has been so hot here in Melbourne recently but I am madly knitting away trying to get my 'Crazy Cat Lady Coat' completed.  As of the weekend, I have completed ALL of the knitting!!!!  Yay!  It has taken close to a year to knit this coat.

Ok next step is to sew the shoulders together so I can knit the collar... #knitgeek

I now have my most hated part, all the sewing and weaving in of the ends.  I will need to wait for a cooler day for this as the thought of sewing so much wool, really makes my hands clammy!  In the meantime, I've noticed just how much yarn I have left over.  It's small amounts, half a ball here and there.  I decided to make up some mittens with the left overs which are likely to become gifts for friends.  I am enjoying knitting and just making it all up.  It's a lovely sense of knitting freedom.

Because I'm slightly crazy, I've started mittens from the leftovers of my crazy cat lady coat.  First one done!

With all of this knitting, I keep having thoughts of making all sorts of weird and wonderful clothing items from the same yarn and then just wearing it all together.  Like I'm some weird knitted yeti.  Yeah, maybe I've been knitting a little TOO much!

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