Monday, March 24, 2014

Warm feet...

And one sock down... I can't believe that this sock was knitted in 2 days!

I have been battling a weird foot issue.  I've been to numerous doctors of late and finally have an appointment to see a foot and ankle specialist which I'm hoping will shed some light on what is causing my problems.  It has been incredibly frustrating as there are days that I can barely walk or put weight on my foot.  The one thing that I have found that has been giving me some comfort is wearing my hand knitted socks!  It is probably half psychological and the other half is that the heat is potentially helping.  Whatever it is, it is definitely a good excuse to keep knitting socks!

And drying outside!

I can't just keep knitting socks for myself, my husband would complain!  My husband loves bright greens so using that as a base, I dyed some sock yarn (5 ply) with some blue and black highlights.  The green is so bright!

Knitting marks sock- this is some yarn that I dyed #knitgeek

The yarn has been knitting up with a spiral like effect, which is a happy accident and I am hoping that  it will go across to both socks.  Fingers crossed!

Today's handmade sock combo... I haven't really left the couch...

I have been living in my stash of handkitted socks.  I get home, sometimes I soak my feet in warm water and epsom salts and then pop these babies on.  There is nothing like wearing wool socks!  I am longing for cold days where I can wear my socks all the time, knit and drink hot toddies.  I have been reading up on Iceland lately and have dreams of being over there in lovely cold weather.

I picked up this book from the local library... Now which ones to knit!

While I may be obsessed with knitting socks lately, I do have my eye on making some new slippers too.  I managed to borrow this book from my local library and everything in it is seriously cute!  I am loving the felted clog like slippers which are now on my knitting list.  Unfortunately my 'to knit list' is getting way too long!  Ok, enough blogging... more knitting!
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