Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Living out of Hotel rooms...

Home for the next 2 weeks... Living out of a suitcase! Luckily we got a room upgrade!

I'm the crazy kind of person who enjoys airports, airline food and living out of a suitcase and hotel for weeks on end.  I find it relaxing in a weird kind of way.

I am currently in Hong Kong for two weeks attending Art Basel Hong Kong as well as catching up with friends, shopping, eating and all those other wonderful things that you do while in another country.

Thanks Muji for inventing disposable pour over coffee devices... This is all kinds of amazing! #coffeedork #pourover #deathbeforedecaf

I treated myself to a new suitcase for this trip.  A wonderful new Samsonite cosmolite hardcase that weighs barely 3 kilograms!  I can't believe that my case to Hong Kong only weighed in at 14 kilograms, so not like me!!! I even brought 4 pairs of shoes with me... to try and deal with my foot issue.  One thing that I have trouble living out of a hotel room with is the coffee situation.  I have to have coffee as soon as I wake up and although I have been known to drink the horrible instant coffee at the hotel, I always want something a little better!

Morning hotel coffee made even better with walnut biscuits from @sanitiser !

Bless Muji for inventing their little instant pour over coffee things!  They are pretty amazing.  It's like a mini brewed coffee right in your hotel room without the need for any equipment!  We did pick up some larger coffee cups as the hotel ones are so tiny.  I can't tell you how having a real coffee in the morning with some lovely biscuit treats (thanks Catherine!) can really kickstart the day.

Vacation knitting... Socks for @elgatogrande

I always bring knitting with me too.  I love spending the evening... a bit of downtime, watching movies and chilling out knitting away.  I've managed to complete a pair of socks while here and have started another pair.  It's great to stay productive and also not to feel the need to spend every waking hour outside of the hotel.  We've been pretty lucky that we managed a room upgrade here in Hong Kong so our suite is quite roomy and definitely feels like home.

I know a lot of people that stay at places via Air bnb, I have tried them but I do love staying somewhere that makes my bed, gives me fresh towels and takes out the trash. Maybe it's me, but that is a real vacation... not having to clean up after myself!!!
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