Friday, June 20, 2014

Gorgeous things from crafty people...

Delicious, delicious yarn arrived yesterday from the gorgeous @msgusset !!! Thank you my dear! It includes "you're killing me!" Red!!!! #yarnnerd

I've been spoilt with lovely treats from some crafty ladies lately.  I wanted to share their awesomeness with everyone... just in case you are wanting to get some treats in your post box too.

When I got home from Hong Kong, a wonderful parcel of hand dyed 4ply yarn was waiting for me! The lovely (and Queen of pink!) Ms. Gusset has been popping up lots of delicious yarn goodness on etsy recently and I couldn't help myself with these amazing colours.  You can check out what she has to offer here!  I showed a fellow knitty friend the above photo and he proclaimed... "Oh my that is like delicious lollies to me!"  Yup, Ms. Gusset's yarns definitely are addictive!

Oh my!! My amazing handmade project bag arrived from @modularmodular_etsy !!! It's perfect!

Also this amazing, specially created for me, knitting project bag arrived from the lovely Katy at Modular Modular.  Inspired by the Stephen West shawl that I am currently knitting, Katy put together a wonderful combination of fabrics that I adore!  We are both knitting the Stephen West Vertices Unite shawl (find it on Ravelry here).  Mine seems to be going a little more slowly, maybe because I keep stopping to admire this bag's gorgeousness!  I will post a project breakdown of my shawl when it is finished.

Check out the links for Kylie and Katy, they are making some very gorgeous things that will make your craft experience even better! And remember, when you support independent artists and makers, it makes you more awesome!

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