Thursday, December 24, 2015

Will Hearts Westknits

Will in shawl

I have knitted the Vertices Unite shawl about 4 times now.  I love the different panels and how you can play with colour, shape and line.  It's almost like making a collage in a knit!

My friend Will is quite the fan of Stephen West.  He adores his style and flamboyant ways.  After Will was chief cat sitter for us while we were away, I felt that the best thank you was to knit Will his own Westknits shawl to love forever.

Will in shawl

I requested some colour options from Will, trying to collect a grouping of his favourite colours.  I then dug around my stash and came up with some selections that worked together.  Will was big on blue, red and silver.  I felt that the blue and red together seemed a bit 'American Flag' like, so I changed it up to a lovely orange that makes the blue pop and also suits Will's complexion.

Fantastic (and very big!) exhibition launch on Saturday! Love that our graphic design whiz @wainger is styling hard in his @westknits #verticesunite shawl and naturally I'm rocking @marimekkoglobal ... Love your work Will! ❤️

I'm so excited to see Will wearing the shawl so much.  It's a great feeling when others love something that you've spent so much time making by hand.  Thanks to Will for this amazing 'westknitesque' photo shoot too.

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