Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sampling the Fen Pattern

#fenpattern top draft complete! Added 4inches to the body, used pre-made binding at neck, drafted body out to a more outline shape too.  Want to make in a light weight wool but will need to grade up a size.  Thanks @fancytigercrafts for an awesome pattern
Me in my first Fen Pattern top

Over the last few years I have loved sewing with woven fabrics after a long love affair with stretch.  I love how long wearing woven fabric is and how easily it feeds through the machine.  I have been stalking everyone’s Fen Pattern dresses and tops (pattern designed by the awesome folk at Fancy Tiger Craft) and was attracted to its simplicity, ease of wear and POCKETS!  I love a dress that doesn’t have a zip, mostly because I hate getting in and out of them and the Fen also has lots of alternatives to really make it your own.

Saying that, my uniform usually involves dresses.  Dresses with tights and a coat in Winter, dresses with sandals in summer.  Jeans and a t-shirt on the weekends.  I rarely make tops as I don’t really wear them for work.  Dresses just seem so much easier in the morning, it is just one thing to select for my outfit.  So why I decided to give the Fen top pattern a whirl is beyond me but I’m pretty happy with the result!  I did a sample in my usual go to (and inexpensive fabric) of gingham and I’m already wearing it quite a bit.

Alterations:  I added 4 inches to the body length and lightly expanded the side seams for a more a-line look.  I know my body and I’m not about tight or short style tops.  These alterations were a given before even making up the sample.  I also decided to use some pre-made bias binding for the neckline, mostly to save on time and fabric.

After the successful adjustments have been made to the #fenpattern top, I've dug around and cut out this amazing pineapple fabric from my stash and the gorgeous organic cotton city fabric. Now sew, sew, sew!
two of the fabrics that I will be using for more tops.

I’m so happy with the sample that I have already cut out another two tops in lightweight cotton!  They are great in this warm weather, very sun savvy with the three quarter sleeves but still cool enough in a heat wave.  I am dying to try the pattern with some light to medium weight wool fabrics I have, with the hope that the top will have quite a bit of structure to it.  I’m imagining it with a great middy skirt or very structured culottes; both partners that I will need to sew as well.

Fen pattern
The wonderful gals at Fancy Tiger Crafts in their Fen creations. (image courtesy of

If you’re on Instagram, definitely check out #fenpattern to see how others have approached this very versatile pattern!

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M-H said...

Thanks for an intro to another pattern source. And I love cotton tops - they are so quick and easy to make. I have a selection of home-made and bought skirts make tops to mix and match when I get bored with my dresses.

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