Monday, July 4, 2016

Me Made May 2016

While I have always been a pretty keen sewer/maker, I have never really participated in what is known as Me Made May.  It is a push for us to think about where our clothes come from and look at wearing more handmade items or items that have been recycled or re-purposed.  People participating make a pledge and my pledge was...

"to try and wear items that I have made throughout the month of May.  Where I may be sewing new items, to try and use materials already in my stash.  If I do wear non-me made items, to try and wear items of quality and that are more sustainable (no fast fashion!)"

Me Made May 2016

So, how did I do?  Not too bad I think.  On average I managed to wear hand made items for 5-6 days out of the week.  Items that weren't me made were generally jeans and sportswear with a Marimekko dress or two thrown in (many of which I've had and worn regularly for about 5 years!)

Me Made May 2016

I did sew quite a bit and feel that my skills are getting back up to scratch.  Getting my machines serviced recently has done wonders for inspiration! No more glitches or swearing at the machine!
So what did I make in May?

  • Mustard jersey long sleeve Fen Top, made with fabric I've had for about 10 years, purchased for about $2 a metre.
  • Grey long sleeve Fen Dress, again, made with fabric that has been in my stash.  I have to say that this dress has been on high rotation in my wardrobe!
  • Striped Aeolian Dress, I did buy this fabric recently, it was heavily marked down and black and white stripes are a wardrobe staple for me.
  • Black heavy weight jersey Aeolian top, made with some left overs from my culottes made earlier this year.  Managed to squeeze this out!
  • finished my neutral Vertices Unite Westknits shawl, used madelinetosh yarn from stash along with some leftovers from other projects
  • speckled heavy knit Aeolian dress, fabric in stash from the previous month, again become a firm favourite in my wardrobe
  • a heavy knit black and white patterned Aeolian dress, fabric on sale.  Haven't really worn much just yet!
  • A Fen Dress out of a tablecloth... this is a long story!
I'm sure that there were a few extras in there that I'm forgetting but the Fen Pattern and the Aeolian Dress/top have been in high rotation on the sewing machine.  I love when I get a pattern just fitting right on me and making it in a bunch of different fabric and finishes... it's like an old friend that just keeps giving.
What did I love best about Me Made May?  I loved meeting new sewing folk on social media and seeing what they were making.  It also showcased some new indie pattern makers that I was unaware of and I'm now pretty keen to try out.  It also pushed me to get my skills back up to speed and look at new ways of making.  Although I've made some very complex garments, I love making great basics as they last longer than the ones I buy.

If you haven't heard about Me Made May, check out the hashtag on instagram for inspiration!!

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